I work with couples and executives who crave connection, intimacy and presence with their partners-but struggle with loneliness, anxiety and intimacy in their relationships. I help remove obstacles and restore communication so they can find a happy, balanced and fulfilling life.

I love to speak to and meet new people helping them realize their goals and aspirations. Your time is precious, so schedule this FREE Breakthrough to Upgrade Your Relationship at your earliest opportunity. I look forward to speaking with you!

Our Programs

Keys to Relationship Success℠ is a positive coaching plan that supports healthy relationships, activates intimacy, and energizes lasting personal growth. We will help you by establishing a plan to support a healthy relationship, recharged sex life and lasting personal growth. Even learn what to do when one partner wants to sort out your relationship, and the other is too stressed or just not responding.

Keys to Relationship Success Program℠ works together with you to Identify and sort out the trouble spots, devise new strategies for a fresh perspective, and cultivate new collaborations and opportunities.

  • Imagine… what it would be like to have your needs met more times than not!
  • Imagine… an emotionally present and close partner.
  • Imagine… a more fulfilling and happier life together You can attain these results!

* an asset that pays dividends in every area of your life.

6 Week Clarity and Readiness Makeover

Welcome to Zev Halpern Consulting

Zev Halpern Consulting is a multi-faceted consulting agency which addresses interpersonal issues at home and work. Whether it involves couples, spouses, singles or organizational leadership our programs are purpose and results driven. Zev is a dynamic, levelheaded relationship coach with depth of experience helping individuals, couples and organizations. Join the thousands who have collaborated with Zev, allowing him to provide home-based and workplace solutions that make it doable to move life and relationships forward.

Take your life to a new level, and uncover the trust and clarity you need to cultivate the interpersonal connections you’ve always wanted. Now is the time to identify and untangle the trouble spots in your relationships, access a new perspective, awaken dormant passions and feelings — and get more out of life for you and your partner!

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Relationship

  • Would it interest you to acquire proven ways to optimize your relationship?
  • Want to break through the barriers and frustration of having your needs met, but don’t know where to start?
For relationships to flourish amidst the ups and downs of life’s challenges, you need to harness the power of clarity, trust and a mutual relationship vision.
  • Find out what it feels like to rediscover the spark that ignites your heart, mind and body, and enjoy your relationship again.
  • Reclaim what it’s like to feel truly appreciated.
  • Open an exciting new chapter in your relationship, and create intimacy, validation and fulfillment to grow stronger and deeper, now and for years to come.

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I love to speak to and meet new people helping them realize their goals and aspirations. Your time is precious, so schedule these opportunities to Upgrade Your Relationship at your soonest opportunity. I look forward to speaking with you!

Couples Retreats

Couples Retreats/Seminars

Zev has facilitated many destination and virtual retreats and looks forward to leading many more. A benefit of your involvement in our community is the opportunity to participate in Master Classes, events and retreats.

Executive Life Consulting - Supporting Leadership Resilency

The workplace will never be the same, as we enter a minefield of new and complicated interactions. Zev provides experienced workplace leadership consultation to create safe work environments. Zev can guide your organization with ways to greet the multifaceted exchange of today’s diverse interpersonal cultures, and enhance employee productivity. Our workplace coaching and training programs focus on:

  • Transitional Back to work
  • New Employee Normal
  • Work/Life Balance
Consider the pivotal benefits of Zev Halpern Consulting Services:
  • For Your Life
  • For Your Relationship
  • At Work
  • Spice up Your Relationship and Feel the Love Again
  • Move past relationship obstacles which are blocking your path to mutual contentment
  • Reconnect for a Deeper More Fulfilling and Intimate Relationship
  • RENEW Your Relationship in the direction you both want it to go.
Zev Halpern
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