6 Week Clarity and Readiness Makeover

What 6wk. Clarity & Readiness Makeover is all about?

  • A positive coaching plan that supports healthy habits and energizes a new growth mindset.
  • This program equips you with tools, guidelines and personal support to safely forge a positive path through the inevitable hurdles so many of us encounter in pursuing and reaching our goals.

>Gain Productive habits that advance your goals.

>Erase habits that limit your possibilities

>Experience a supportive path you need to journey out of you comfort zone where success happens.

>Develop a unique Self-Care Plan aimed at bolstering your specific needs.

> A true opportunity for you in private to overcome obstacles from the past once and for all.

> It’s about saving you heartache and headaches by implementing proven strategies to create your vision now and into the future.

> Cultivate success by setting goals and creating a strategy to move your goals forward.

It’s about getting your life to where you want to be simpler faster and easier.

> Feeling confident in your ability to advance in the direction of your aspirations.


By the end of the 6wk. Clarity & Readiness Makeover you will be pumped and on track to make your dreams and aspirations a reality.

  • You will overcome fears and limiting beliefs
  • You will have the confidence and courage to reach your goals and aspirations.

This is not a cookie cutter program. It is designed to address your unique challenges and life goals.

 I will be with you supporting you all the way.


Investing in your happiness is priceless.

The prog

I know many people have tried many things to move their life forward.

If you do not see progress within the first 30 days, I will simply return your investment

Because you’ve mentioned financial, here’s a fast action bonus I’m happy to give to you if you move forward in the next 24 hours.

Your risk-free investment of $1800.00 when purchased and paid in full within 24 hours.

What You Get:

> 6X 60 Minute coaching sessions + where we “get it done” together – get questions answered and all strategies are tailored to suit your needs.

> Continuous 1-1 support from Zev Halpern

>Text support for questions, obstacles, clarifications and comments throughout the program


Bonus extra 1 hour private coaching session to be used anytime in the 3 months. 

>Access and Lifetime membership in my private online group where I share tools and strategies.

> PDF’s, Worksheets and Surprise Bonuses

What you gain from this program!

  • Investing in your success and happiness.
  • Breathing new life and relief into your life goals and aspirations.
  • Overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs that have hampered your forward progress.
  • Gaining a newfound sense of energy and positivity about your life.

This program is 100% risk free guaranteed to work. 

Imagine what it would feel like to be counted among the special group of people who have realized the unique benefits of creating effective habits, gaining life clarity and advancing confidently to reaching your life goals and aspirations.

And that will make all the difference in how you are conducting and enjoying your life.

Be Encouraged……… Let’s begin.