If you’re a couple, spouse, partner or single in a relationship who wants to transform your life and relationship to a happier more mutually satisfying life experience you’ve definitely come to the right place.

If you’ve been thinking about improving your relationship but are not sure where to start, or you’ve been trying and are continually frustrated by lack of progress, Be Encouraged that it’s possible for you to succeed.

Client Testimonial• Are you the one who consistently makes the effort to improve your relationship but is frustrated by your spouse’s lack of mutual effort or indifference?

Are you in a committed relationship but feel stuck and bored?

•Are you finding it difficult to communicate, always resulting in a fight?

•Have you lost the fun and passion?

With help, it IS possible to repair, reconnect and rekindle the love that is sleeping.

Hi I’m Zev. International Clarity & Relationship Counselor/Coach for 30+ yrs. serving Couples and Executives. In 1995 a practicing Psychotherapist, I had a forced epiphany. On my way to a media event from Washington DC to Florida my plane blew up on the runway. Shaken but whole I realized what I might have lost that day in my own relationship and committed myself to bringing couples/partners together.

I’m so fortunate to be married to my beloved for 40 years and I’m happy to say, through ups and downs, we’re now more devoted and committed to each other than ever.

I’ve developed a unique process to help you gain clarity and readiness. A relationship is comprised of two unique individuals. You’ve been in a relationship and it’s easy to lose sight of your individual needs and desires for the fulfilling life you want. When you’re clear the chances for relationship improvement increase dramatically.

Relationships are powerful tools for self-discovery. With tools and guidance for clarity and readiness, you’ll develop a deeper relationship with yourself and your partner.

Now is the time to take action. I’ll be there to support you all the way.💯

If you’re a couple or Executive in a relationship and you want to feel heard. You want your partner present in your life. You want to feel safe so you can be vulnerable and loving without threat. Let’s put together a love roadmap to get you there!

Join me in my Secrets of Relationship Success Program!

You are a committed couple, there is love remaining in your hearts. You want a relationship that lights you both up and considers each of your needs.

With my unique 30 yr. solution focused mix of tools, counseling, coaching and humor, we focus on clarity & readiness, helping you restore communication, connection and passion.

All Sessions are 100% private and virtual.

Book a FREE private Breakthrough call on my Calendar to discuss how to get your relationship back on track, so you both can find your smile again.


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Be Encouraged 🙏 Let’s Begin

Program Choices "Keys to Relationship Success"

12Week Program for Couples

"6week Clarity & Readiness Makeover"

For Spouses/Partners/Executives/Singles who need to get clear and ready about changes they would like to make in their Relationships Business aligned with specific goals and aspirations.

I’ve helped couples, spouses/partners and singles looking for more from their lives and relationships. Some clients are in conflict and have reached an impasse in their interactions which affects communication, finances, intimacy and leisure.

Some Issues might Include:

  • sexless relationships
  • communication
  • work-life balance
  • angry fighting
  • infidelity
  • inability to be relationship present
  • and more
We help sort out relationship rough spots while assisting you to establish a new mutual relationship vision. When needs and desires are addressed relationships grow stronger. A stronger relationship allows you to conduct a happier and more fulfilling life together. We focus on accommodating partners unique qualities. You’ll never worry about being listened to or understood.
Outcome and Results Driven Programs

Our clients get RESULTS within a reasonably short period of time. Some couples start to see positive relationship trends in the first month. Progress depends on your commitment to the coaching process and mutually desired outcomes. I personally guarantee your results.

100% private and virtual, Never need to travel or drag your partner to therapists they don’t want to see. A Proven System convenient to your scheduling needs.