Many people have an Ah Ha episode.

Here’s mine.

In late 1990’s I had a forced epiphany.

A successful Psychotherapist and Workplace Behavioral Consultant, I left my home in the Washington DC area one morning for a Florida media engagement leaving a wife and 4 yr old daughter at home.

My connection flight️ after a 2 hour delay leaving Atlanta blew up in flames just before take-off allowing 55 passengers to barely escape with our lives.

Next day the Atlanta News reported “A Blessing it Hadn’t Lifted Off”

Shaken but whole, I realized just how precious life is especially my spouse and daughter.

Returning home, I began to improve my relationship and develop programs to help couples recognize how important it is to get on the same page and enjoy life.

My daughter whom I kissed and waved goodbye to that fateful morning just gave birth to my first grandchild something I might never have realized if that plane had lifted off. I wouldn’t have adopted my second daughter from Ukraine.

Many people, couples and work sites wouldn’t have benefitted from the positive influence supplied by my couples coaching and workplace behavioral intervention services.

I’m a lucky man who loves his work with people and remain firmly committed to supporting healthy relationships and workplaces.

Zev Halpern